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If Google and Facebook are not regulated, their politically-motivated censorship will drive America to open warfare in the streets

By Mike Adams

A message to Wikileaks: release this leak

by Jon Rappoport

Lying Australian press and the Vaxxed scandal

by Jon Rappoport

Breaking: interview with Vaxxed producer who was banned from Australia

by Jon Rappoport

My interview with CBS investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson: not fake news

By Jon Rappoport

Sen. Sanders’ Wife Tried Evicting Disabled Group Home Residents after Closing Shady College Deal Under FBI Probe

Judicial Watch

Oregon: FBI Agent Indicted on Charges in 2016 Shooting Death of Levoy Finicum

By Maxine Bernstein

What The History Channel Left Out About The Declassified CIA Program: “History Of MK-Ultra”

By Kalee Brown

Trinity College Closed Temporarily When Death Threats Followed Professor’s Advice to Let White People Die Who Need Emergency Health Service

By Justin Caruso

G. Edward Griffin Explains Inflation

From the Reality Zone

George Soros’ Son, Alex, Thanks Chuck Schumer for Helping to “Preserve the Assault on Our Nations Values and Democracy”

By Paris Swade

After being falsely accused, Natural News releases full lab test results for Indus Organics turmeric powder

by Mike Adams

DARPA Using Warfare Technology on Civilians for Mass Mind Control

By Paul A. Philips

US Senate Approves Trump’s Recommended Sale of $110 Billion in Weapons to Saudi Arabia

From ZeroHedge

Why Are We Attacking the Syrians Who Are Fighting ISIS?

by Ron Paul

Students Furious Over Release Of Video Depicting Them Going Berserk At College

By David Krayden

Good Riddance To Zbigniew Brzezinski Who Dies At 89

From Animeright

USMC Veteran Facing Life in Prison Over 1 Oz. of Cannabis to Treat His PTSD

By Matt Agorist

Ariana Grande Massacre: Authorities ‘Rehearsed’ Attack Weeks Before

By Baxter Dmitry

The Republic Has Fallen: The Deep State’s Plot to Take Over America Has Succeeded

By John W. Whitehead

Chris Cornell’s Wife Just Blamed His Death on an FDA-Approved Psychoactive Drug

By Matt Agorist

‘America’s Lawyer’ Mike Papantonio Calls Out Monsanto for Lying and Creating False Studies on the Safety of Glyphosate, the Active Ingredient in Roundup Ready Pesticide

Need to Know News

President Trump: Toss Your Generals’ War Escalation Plans In the Trash

by Ron Paul

Democrat Party Staffer, Seth Rich, May Have Been Murdered Because He Leaked Party Emails to WikiLeaks

Need to Know News